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Amitofo Care Centre - Malawi



            Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) is a non profit, Non Government Organization (NGO), working in the district of Chiradzulu and the Mapanga area of Blantyre City. ACC was formed in 2001 and registered as an NGO in 2003. They are currently based in the Mapanga area of Blantyre in Malawi. This centre related to Fo kuang shan Chinese temple in south Africa. After starting Buddhist activities in south Africa master Hui lee , who was the member of Nanhua Chinese temple in south Africa visited to find some students to African Buddhist seminary. Then he got an idea to establish a Buddhist centre in Malawi. Then he followed that idea and full filled it year 2001.

            Currently we can see Buddhist shrine, Bodhi tree, meditation hall and monks resident. And same place they use for care centre named “Amitofo Care centre” starting time Master Hui lee gave his attention to this place. After that master shihbenkong devoted his time to keep this alive. Currently graduated two monks  at African Buddhist seminary and other two lay devotes forwarding religious and social service there.

            Around this temple we can find about 100 Buddhist devotees who come from Sri Lanka. They also now coming to this Buddhist centre and do their religious service, meditation and other things together there. 




            Apart from religious service they are running another main target to work regarding local community. That works are very attractive to country people to come close to their mission. They have five areas of their mission.

            The main mission is to care for and improve the quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the country.

            Second is orphans by providing children’s home,

            Third  education centre,

            Fourth skills guidance centre and

            Fifth health centre to be constructed at the former Men’s Young Pioneers base in Mapanga surrounded by Sable farms.

            To achieve their mission, they are currently involved in the following program areas:-




1.      Construction of a children’s home with 12 homes for 12 children and two house mothers each, an assembly hall, administration block, clinic, a ware house and staff housing at the estimated cost of US $ 1.2 million.

2.      Support of 200 orphans currently living in various children’s homes throughout Malawi.

3.      Donations of clothing, shoes, and food support to those in need.

4.      Working closely with the 12 health clinic’s HIV/AIDS support groups in the Chiradzulu District.

5.      Operating a Buddhist Sunday School and Buddhist temple in Mapanga.




            To sustain and enhance their impact they have established strong working relationships and solid long-term partnerships with several organizations. Mainly following temples and organizations are giving good hand for them to continue their activities. Without receiving support from them it is not easy to continue above projects.


·        Nan Hua Temple, South Africa –  this is the largest Buddhist temple in the

African continent. It belongs to Fo Guang  Shan Mahayana order in Taiwan. They do many activities including African Buddhist seminary in south Africa. While they are maintaining their activities in south Africa they help to develop this branch centre.

·        Fo Guang Shan, Taiwan – recently this main temple decided to come out from

Their mother land to other places to light Dharma lamps for others benefit. Especially they agreed to do some services to Africa continent. First they came to south Africa and established a temple and other centers. Secondly they start to reach Malawi to do start religious and social service. Then they also giving some donations to this place.

·        Government (District and national departments of gender and social welfare). – it

Is very important to collaborate with government where they hope to start good social works. government mean needy people. They represents local community. They know what has to do. especially if they come work together very easy to get success for their works. Donating land, supplying good counselors, giving good security and share ideas they can do many contribution to come true their dreams.

·        Traditional Leadership Structures – in  Africa still remaining this leadership

System among them. Each and every country we can see this system. Any order comes from their chief in that area they all respect to follow it. Because of that it is very important to make good collaborations with them. Their partnership is very good contributions make success above plans.

·        District Clinics – many details already have with clinics centers. And they have

Experience about what and where is needy area to help. Those statistics and their support also very needy to get success of these works.



            Since inception, they have made significant strides in construction of facilities to be used by Amitofo Care Centre. Some of there major construction efforts include:

·        Renovation of a warehouse creating storage facilities, offices, four bedrooms, dining area and meeting room for Taiwanese and Chinese staff.

·        Construction of a three building complex with six suites, meditation centre, dining room, two offices and reception area for local and foreign visitors.

·        Construction of a Buddhist Shrine Room

·        Under construction is our children’s home as mentioned above

·        Care of 200 local orphans

·        Yearly donations of over 150 wheel chairs per year

·        Support of local Support Groups by creating sewing circles


Challenges and Constraints:

Some of our major challenges and constraints are as follows:-


            Education of Taiwanese and Chinese staff and program providers and donors to learn the local languages of English and Chichewa,

            Understand local religions, traditions and culture,

            Understand and abide by the Malawi Constitution, NGO Law, CONGOMA, the NGO Board, the Amitofo Care Centre Constitution,

            Malawi Labor Law,

            Malawi Revenue Authority,

            Buddhist Conduct and the Bodhisattva Path which are the core of our compassionate and charitable work.


Future Plans:

            Their vision for the future is to enable, empower and capacitate their four projects to become self-sustaining, independent entities. Amitofo Care Centre will continue to fund, mentor, train, and monitor and evaluate the activities of their four centers. They also envisage the strengthening and expansion of community based income generating projects through the local support groups.


            I have been here two times. And I saw how this place activate and how local people’s response for that. They are really interest for this works. Africa needs really practical Buddhism. Not theory or just preaching. Here many people have poverty, disease, low education and other disasters. If some body ready to help through these point many people always around him. I believe Buddhist centre in Malawi has come to right path to establish in people’s mind.







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